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We are expert in making luxury, handmade pop-up origami/ kirigami 3d pop up greeting cards for some time. Read our story here…


How our handmade cards began..


Our story

Since the first day iPapyrus discovered the ancient Japanese arts of origami and kirigami, it has endlessly inspired us to create a wide range of 3D pop up cards in the UK . To use origami/ kirigami today, to design beautiful, handmade pop-up greetings cards for you in the UK and all over the world, is a dream come true for our iPapyrus team.

At iPapyrus, London, UK, we sell unique, 3D popup greeting cards, handmade for any occasion. Our luxury, high quality 3D pop up cards are available to buy online, or in person, at our independent greeting card shop in Old Spitalfields Market, London, E1.

From luxury cards for him or her, to bespoke cards for birthdays, Christmas, weddings, anniversaries, new babies, Mother’s Day and lots more, all of our handmade greetings cards are one-of-a-kind, premium designs, made by hand for a special, memorable treat for your family and friends.

As well as individual 3d pop up greetings cards, we also sell unique, hand-crafted wedding and party invitations, event invites, multi-packs, personalised cards, bespoke designs and wholesale goods.


Who we are

We first opened our independent store, located in the famous Old Sptitalfields Market E1, London, back in 2008. Since then, it has been wonderful to see our passion for traditional Japanese origami and kirigami art, grow into a thriving business.

As an independent UK retailer of origami/ kirigami 3d pop up handmade greetings cards for over ten years, it is a joy to know that artisan paper crafts continue to play a part in our celebrations. Since the 6th century, origami and kirigami gifts have been given on celebratory occasions, as special tokens to accompany presents. Over 1500 years later, at iPapyrus, London, UK, we are proud to continue that tradition with our handcrafted 3d pop-up greeting cards.

We say that there is a little bit of our soul in every card that we make. Diligently crafted, by hand, with love, our attention to detail and high-quality are the elements that make our artisan clebration 3D pop up greeting cards really special.

Our customer service too, is second to none. We are always happy to assist and accommodate your needs. Whether it is a special request, bulk order or an urgent delivery, we are ready to come to your aid.

Your feedback, of course, is always welcome too!

An extra-ordinary, stunning gift, for when you want to say something in style.


The iPapyrus Team

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You can find us at :

Old Spitalfields Market, London, E1 6AA


Monday - 10am-5pm

Tuesday - 10am-5pm

Wednesday - 10am-5pm

Thursday - closed

Friday - 10am-5pm

Saturday- 10am - 5:30pm

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